Correctifs 22.10.09

Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 22-10-2009

Un nouveau patch correctif va être appliqué sur les servuers américains cet après midi. Comme d'habitude, il devrait suivre rapidement sur les serveurs européens, et probablement demain matin. En attendant, voici les corrections qu'il apporte :



We have the following Hot Fixes for you this evening:

General Changes & Bug Fixes

We have encountered a number of issues that appear to be the result of data corruption during the patching process. Players who encounter any of the following issues during play should perform a full file check in order to resolve the problem:

While moving, the character suddenly spins 180 degrees and begins to move in the opposite direction.
The character suddenly goes from full health to dead, with no floating damage text or hits large enough to have caused that normally.
The game’s sound is behaving erratically, sometimes cutting out.

Corrected an issue that was causing some players in Dark Elf Chapter 1 to be improperly turned into a chicken.

Combat and Careers


Pet Careers

Fixed an issue that was preventing  player pets from attacking siege pads.

Auras: Fixed a bug which could occasionally prevent Chosen auras from toggling off.

General Changes & Bug Fixes

Expedition Resources: An issue was found that caused certain items with decay timers not to decay.  Until such time as this can be fixed, Expedition Resources have been temporarily moved back to the main backpack.  Any existing items will remain in the Currency backpack; however, they will be removed once they are turned in at the Quartermaster. Also, Expedition Resources have been made bind-on-pickup.
Ur Sokth Kamen, the Hand of Betrayal: Corrected an issue that caused the item’s parry chance bonus to be higher than intended.

Item Art Changes

Corrected the missing artwork for the Shaman and Squig Herder Tyrant armor set.
Land of the Dead

Tomb of the Vulture Lord

An issue was found that was causing the pendulum trap to deal damage to players standing in safe areas within the trap. While we work to resolve this issue, we have temporarily disabled the pendulum trap.

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