Armes RvR : quelques changements à venir

Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 10-03-2010

Alors que les nouvelles armes RvR n'ont été introduites que lors du dernier patch de mise à jour 1.3.4, les développeurs réfléchissent déjà à une façon de les rendre aussi intéressantes pour les carrières à distance que pour les carrières de corps à corps. En effet, celles-ci tirent un avantage certain de la caractéristique DPS de l'arme en plus de l'ensemble des bonus de statistiques qu'elle procure.
Découvrez maintenant la solution envisagée par l'équipe de développement pour palier à cet écart :


With the introduction of the new RvR weapons in patch 1.3.4, we have received numerous comments from players of non-melee careers who are concerned that they would not be able to take full advantage of the weapons.  Specifically, several concerns were brought up regarding the fact that melee careers would benefit from not only the stats on their weapons but also from the DPS as well, while non-melee careers benefit solely from the stats and completely dismiss the DPS.  This isn't a new concern, but the popularity of the RvR weapons has brought it to the forefront of our thoughts once again.  It's not something that we'd overlooked, either -  as I mentioned in several PTS Q&A events, we’ve already been working on a solution for this issue, and I'm pleased to now be able to now discuss it with you in more detail.

In patch 1.3.5, we're going through all abilities which do not currently gain any contribution from weapon DPS, and modifying them all to do so.  This includes both damaging abilities and healing abilities, bringing a general overall improvement to game-wide healing.  In order to add +DPS from weapons to these abilities, we'll be reducing their base damage, which will result in a new positive gain for everyone.  If you're curious, abilities which currently gain +DPS from weapons already work this way - they've already had their base damage adjusted when they were originally created in order to account for their contribution from DPS.  In other words, this change will bring all damaging and healing abilities, game-wide, onto a level playing field. This allows us to move forward with more equal Career and Item balancing in the future.

As a numbers-driven change it can be a bit difficult to grasp the concept without specific details.  Here are a few examples of some actual differences that you can expect to see as a result of this change - let's use a friendly neighborhood Runepriest as our volunteer!

Rune of Regeneration, with 750 Willpower:

    * Current (1.3.4 Live) - 2171 total healing
    * 1.3.5 with a 68 DPS staff - 2465 total healing
    * 1.3.5 with a 101 DPS staff - 2654 total healing

Rune of Restoration, with 750 Willpower

    * Current (1.3.4 Live) - 1575 healing
    * 1.3.5 with a 68 DPS staff - 1767 healing
    * 1.3.5 with a 101 DPS staff - 1906 healing

Rune of Fire, with 850 Intelligence against a target with 100 Toughness and 0 Resistance:

    * Current (1.3.4 Live) - 450 damage
    * 1.3.5 with a 68 DPS staff - 514 damage
    * 1.3.5 with a 101 DPS staff - 565 damage

This change makes RvR weapons - and generically, every weapon in the game - equally valuable to all careers.  No matter who you are, you'll now be able to take advantage of all aspects of your weapons!  Additionally, to support this change, we'll be adding DPS ratings to all offhand "charm" items (Chalices, Books, Fetishes, etc.) as well, so that you don't lose out on anything by using a one-handed weapon with a charm in your offhand.

Nate Levy
Player Systems Team Lead
Mythic Entertainment

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