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Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 30-04-2010

Avril touche à sa fin, et Carrie Guskos nous offre à nouveau une lettre du Producteur. On y  apprend notamment l'arrivée prochaine de la très demandée possibilité de jouer les deux factions sur le même serveur. De plus, Carrie nous informe qu'elle même ainsi qu'Andy Belford et Nate Levy et prendront part à une session de Question/Réponse organisée spécialement pour les joueurs européens !

Bonne lecture.


Hello all,
  It's been a very busy month, so busy the time has just flown by. These   days, everyone around here is eating, breathing and sleeping 1.3.5. For   that reason, in this particular newsletter, I'm going to focus on   version 1.3.5 and some of the recent community activity. I know that   many like to skip ahead to read teasers of the distant future but , for   this letter, I want to focus on the present, because I think the   excitement right now is really around the short term future and 1.3.5.

Read on   for the full letter...
   By now, many of you have probably read through the 1.3.5 patch   notes and are gearing up to experience the 100% RvR Driven City Siege. I   want to take this time to remind you that it is only through Public   Testing that we are able to truly finalize our features. Version 1.3.5   is up on the Public Test server right now, and throughout the next few   weeks you'll see the Mythic team placing a lot of emphasis on the this   server with all of the test events we'll be hosting. Aside from the   regular Stability public test, we are running city tests, beginning with   the exclusive guild City tests which have already started and culminate   in two public City tests. Be sure to stay tuned to the Herald for   specifics around those tests and please participate when you can!

We'll   be hosting our regular developer Q&A sessions after some of the   tests, so please take the opportunity to jump on our Ventrilo server (ventrilo1.eamythic.com port 3960, the   password updates with each test) and ask questions of some of the   Mythic developers. I'm also very pleased to announce that Community   Manager Andy Belford, Combat & Careers Lead Nate Levy, and I will be   attending a special Q&A for the European players. This is part of   the work we have been doing with GOA to provide some of the same   developer interaction to our European players that our North American   players have enjoyed (and I'm looking forward to practicing my   Français!)

Usually in our communication, we spend a lot of time   talking about the features of an individual patch; however this time I   want to talk to you about the reasons behind it. You may notice that   with each patch we do a smattering of different features--from bug   fixes, to other small polish items, all the way up to one major feature   that the version centers around. We're always trying to find ways to   refine the things you like about WAR, as well as introduce new game   mechanics for you to play with. We believe that the changes to the   cities will accomplish both of these goals by focusing the endgame   experience more on RVR and creating an entirely new experience in a very   familiar place. One important part of these changes is the new Player   Champion feature in the final City stage. I believe that the design team   has hit a home run with this new aspect of the King fight by creating   an experience that invests the individual player emotionally by making   them a part of the encounter instead of a bystander to a PVE scripted   event! That, and there's nothing more exciting than being chosen as one   of the King's Champions and stomping around head and shoulders above   everyone else (RAWR!)


All of that being said, keep your eyes   on  the forums, as we'll be adding some new "In Development" threads to   discuss what could be the next big thing in future versions! Some hot   topics, pulled straight from the community, include the reintroduction   of Fortresses and changes to ORVR--both of which we are going to spend   some serious time investigating, just as soon as we finish polishing up   1.3.5! It's clear to us that our next big task after the cities are done   is going to be taking a stab at making improvements to ORVR. We've got a   lot of different angles to pursue, and we're interested in putting the   same kind of keen eye on ORVR that we have on the cities. What this   means yet, I can not say, but you can be sure that more will be revealed   later. Additionally, all of the things I've mentioned in previous   letters (i.e. armor set changes and the auction house) will be addressed   by version 1.3.6, and will get a mention once I have more concrete   information to share.

As an aside, I want to give a huge thanks   to the four bloggers who came out to Mythic for our Blogger Roundtable   earlier this month. These four super fans are infectiously energetic   about Warhammer, and even though they still ask us the tough questions.   We really appreciate all that they do for the community. We had such a   good experience that we're going to continue to host Blogger   Roundtables--so if you're interested in getting involved, get out there   and get blogging! Also keep on the lookout for a special announcement   video coming straight from the bloggers to you!

Remember what I   said about focusing on the present? Well, we couldn't let a producer's   letter go by without giving you at least a small peak at the future, now   could we? Well, here's the bombshell: By 1.3.6 players will have the   capability to play as both Order and Destruction on the same server.  We   did this in Camelot, because we wanted to give players more choices   about where they wanted to play and who they wanted to play with. We're   aware of the possible downsides (such as cross-realming) and we're aware   that people have a lot of realm pride, which we believe is very   important, so we're going to be introducing a significant lockout timer   to switch between realms. Warhammer has a lot to offer between Order and   Destruction and we want to give you the opportunity to experience all   of WAR with a single account while still maintaining ties to the   community of your home server.  

And with that, I'll speak to   you next month!

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