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Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 16-06-2010

Une nouvelle fois, Mythic lance un ballon d'essai pour savoir si ses projets pour la 1.3.6 correspondent aux attentes de la communauté, et cette fois-ci il concerne l'équilibrage des carrières, notamment pour le Culiste et le Prêtre des Runes, mais aussi le Magus.
Ainsi Nate Lavy (développeur chez Mythic) explique t'il les changement prévus pour ces carrières sur les forums US afin de recueillir l'avis des joueurs:


To kick off patch 1.3.6's "In Development" posts, we'd like to discuss a few of the changes that we're currently planning to put into the upcoming version. You may already have seen a sneak-peek of some of these changes in Carrie's recent Producer's Letter, and we're now going to further discuss some of the upcoming changes for the Runepriest, Zealot, and Magus careers.  We'll be paying close attention to your constructive feedback and civil discussions.

Runepriests & Zealots:
One of our long-time concerns regarding the Runepriest and Zealot careers is that they ultimately become more limited than other Healer-archetype careers. This is because the other healing careers have their Mastery paths sorted by role - people who play those careers make a decision about the role they want to play, then specialize in the corresponding Mastery path and gear up appropriately. Runepriests and Zealot, however, have their Mastery paths sorted by delivery vehicle ("direct", "over time", and "area", essentially) and then have both offensive and defensive abilities together in each Mastery.  Since there's obviously no such thing as "gearing for direct", though, Runepriests and Zealots then have to decide again whether they want to be offensive or defensive and then gear appropriately - the net result being that even within their chosen Mastery, half of their abilities are ineffective.

We want to maintain the general setup of the Runepriest and Zealot Mastery paths, but we also want to address this issue.  In order to do both of these, we will be adding a new ability to the Runepriest, and changing the functionality of Harbinger of Doom for the Zealot.  All Runepriests will now start with an ability named Rune of Breaking, which can be toggled on and off:
  • While toggled off, the Runepriest is affected by the Rune of Balance.  This causes all Intelligence, Magic Power, and Magic Crit stats on items to be negated, and instead converted into Willpower, Healing Power, and Healing Crit bonuses.  We're currently planning on these stats converting at a 2:1 ratio - in other words, a total of +100 Intelligence from gear would instead be turned into +50 Willpower while this ability is toggled off.
  • While toggled on, the Runepriest is affected by the Rune of Breaking.  This works the same way but in the opposite direction:  Willpower, Healing Power, and Healing Crit stats on gear are negated and instead converted into Intelligence, Magic Power, and Magic Crit, also at a 2:1 ratio.
  • Rune of Breaking may be toggled on and then back off at any time; doing so is instant and costs no Action Points.  However, once it is toggled off, there is a 30 second cooldown before it may be toggled back on again.

For Zealots, Harbinger of Doom will be changed to provide this same functionality.  It will become a starting abilities, and can be toggled on or off.  While toggled off, the Zealot is the Harbinger of Change (and has the same offensive gear stats converted into the same healing stats), and while toggled on, the Zealot is the Harbinger of Doom (and likewise, has healing gear stats converted into offensive stats).  Additionally, all of the Zealot's tactics which currently affect Harbinger of Doom will be redesigned to be appropriate for this new system, and the Runepriest will also gain some tactics which affect Rune of Breaking as well.

The Magus has several improvements and adjustments to look forward to in patch 1.3.6.  These include:
  • The Pink Horror's "Daemonic Fire" ability will now also reduce the victim's Elemental Resistance (similar to the Engineer's Gun Turret reducing the victim's Armor).
  • Perils of the Warp has been redesigned.  It will now damage the target and Disarm them, similar to the Engineer's Crack Shot.
  • Aegis of Orange Fire will now trigger from any attack, not just melee attacks, with a 25% chance.  Its damage is increased, and the effectiveness of its Wounds buff has been doubled.
  • Indigo Fire of Change will no longer summon a daemon.  Instead, if the victim dies while Indigo Fire of Change is affecting them, the Magus will regain Indigo Fire's full Action Point cost over 6 seconds.
  • Strengthen Thrall's effectiveness has been greatly increased.
  • In addition to its current effects, Chaotic Attunement will now also make Resummon no longer cost any Action Points.

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