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Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 20-08-2010

Afin de permettre à la communauté d'interroger l'équipe en charge de Warhammer sur le futur pack RvR, Andy et Carrie se sont prêtés à un DevChat en direct de la GamesCom cet après midi. Évidemment, toutes les questions n'ont pas trouvé réponse, et certaines ont même été filtrées (impossible par exemple d'en savoir plus sur la possibilité ou non de jouer Skaven).
Découvrez la retranscription de ce DevChat à la suite de ce message :


Carrie - The news is all being shared at GamesCom, but the press are hitting up a lot of different places, so they need time to write it up! If you're eager for WAR news, keep an eye out there, we're giving several interviews a day!

What common content will be shared between the differing RvR Packs?
Carrie - The content that is shared between the different packs is different in theme in some respect (power, progression, personality) but they all share that they tie into the RVR experience in some way. This pack, unlike LoTD is RVR focused, in everything we're doing.

Will there be a new RVR zone introduced?
Carrie - Yes!

Do you not fear that the up of renow rank up to 100 will not make the game more difficult for the new player against well equiped player ?
Carrie - Gonna try to answer a couple things about the RR questions. RR 81-100 will be difficult, but we are going to help players who haven't hit RR80 yet to get up there. We're very aware of power gap problems and will be keeping that in mind for new players and alt-a-holics.

Carrie - @Icpong - Yes new armor past Sov.

Carrie- You said the future of WAR would be announce in the end of summer, will there be an official annoucement soon?
Carrie - The RVR pack is what I'm referring to as the future of WAR, and we're very excited about it. Of course more details will come as we continue to talk about it, at GamesDay there will be a full presentation on the stuff we're telling the press here, additionally I have a producer's letter coming up... etc.

Is the new RvR zone going to be accessible without purchasing the RvR Pack?
Yes, but a lot of the cool stuff that you can get from the RVR zone won't be!

When "moving away from the huge expansion pack system every 2 years." How ofted do you plan to release new packs?
Carrie - Depends on you guys, which ones you like, etc. We have lots of ideas and plans!

Is making the Renown Rank process smoother in the lower Ranks going to be done by changing the amount you need to earn for those Ranks ?
Carrie - More likely going to involve renown-boosting buffs. But the important thing is that it will be easier!

Does the RVR packs include updates to the SC system. Made something to help more casual R40 players against those steam rolling pre-mades?
Carrie - We are focusing on ORVR, but we are doing some investigation around SC matchmaking as we're aware of the community concern.

Can we expect some upgrades of the current rvr zone with the rvr pack?
Carrie - Sorry guys! Last question!
Yes, as a part of the pack, we are doing updates to the ORVR mechanics, which will tie into the Skaven theme very nicely  

Carrie - And we're off to more interviews. I know you're all hungry for info. and we love your excitement about the game. The press and bloggers we're meeting here need to get back to their hotels and home to write stuff up... so the info is coming! Also we will be recapping what we did here in the monthly producer's letters and more info in the coming weeks and upcoming events!

Also Andz says hi and will see you Saturday night! AND OMG GERMAN KEZBOARDS.

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