En developpement : l'Invasion de Thanquol

Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 19-10-2010

Les informations sur l'arrivée prochaine des Skavens à la surface du Vieux Monde se faisaient rares depuis le lancement du serveur de test et des modifications du mécanisme de contrôle de zone, mais c'est aujourd'hui réparé.
En effet, Keaven Freeman publie aujourd'hui sur le Warhammer Herald un article sur le développement de la nouvelle zone skaven, un donjon instancié où vous aurez à affronter les hommes Rats en même temps que 24 joueurs de la faction adverse, nous présentant plus en détail la façon dont nous pourront y accéder et ce que nous pourront y croiser.

Bonne lecture !



The tunnels have been dug – the cobbled machinery hooked into place – and for a moment, the whips stop cracking. All those present turn as bestial laughter echoes throughout the dank cavern. The sickly-green glow of Warpstone illuminates the face of the great Grey Seer, Thanquol, as he steps forward, arms raised.

“Now, is the Day! Now, is the Hour! Let the lands of Man forever be changed!”

And at his command, the great machinery, they’ve spent so long constructing, is activated, and begins extending through the dirt and rock above. As the cavern walls shake, and debris falls, Thanquol laughs with murderous glee.

Far above, as swords clash and arrows fly, a deep rumbling from within the very earth makes the combatants give pause. With shouts of shock, bodies leap away as the ground beneath their feet suddenly begins to break apart. A strange contraption, pushing up through the ground, begins to rumble as it billows out plumes of brackish green smoke. With a start, those recently in battle are made suddenly aware that the resources at this location are being siphoned away! As one side begins to blame the other, and curses are sworn by the blood still dripping from swords, another rumble, and break in the ground, gives way to a gateway... a patchwork construction crackling with Warp-Energy. And through this gateway, a figure stands in partial shadow, laughing with murderous glee.

Thanquol’s Incursion is an instanced, Skaven themed, 24 v. 24 RvR dungeon planned to be available in Tier 4 for players of Renown Rank 65 and above. While you are happily slaying enemies in ORvR, resource collection (and thus, Keep Upgrading) comes grinding to a halt as the Skaven invade the Tier, siphoning off resources for themselves.

I guess the prudent thing to do would be to roll up your sleeves, walk through that Warp-Energy Gate, and put the hurt on some rats, wouldn’t it? Be advised, however, that your enemies will be there too, so it’s sure to be an all-out blood bath.

One very important thing to keep in mind: While there are Skaven Bosses in the dungeon, they do little more than “get in your way.” It’s still all about the RvR.  Let’s take a quick overview at how you’re going to advance your realm while inside the dungeon:

During Boss fights, you will see a new UI element; something we, in the office, lovingly refer to as the Win-o-Meter. A horizontal bar represents the total number of points possible in the current boss fight. Shields above and below this bar indicate your realms’ progress: the farther to the right the shield is, the greater number of points your realm has earned. At the end of a Win-o-Meter enabled fight, the side with the most points wins! Points are earned by killing enemy players, and by damaging the boss. Points are lost each time you die. So... yeah, don’t die.

Rather than give a stage-by-stage walk through of the Dungeon, I’m just going to talk about what you are probably most interested to hear about: Boss Fights.  As a general rule, the bosses will stand their ground, and not chase players all over the place – there are some special cases which could arise, but you’ll find them standing still most of the time. Remember, they are here to aggravate your RvR fighting, not become a full on PvE situation.


The first boss you encounter will be the Warlock Engineer Skeetk. He is a master of Warp-Energy, and will definitely use that to his advantage. Don’t let Skeetk’s lack of adds fool you; he has some pretty nasty tricks up his sleeve - Some of which will cause you to die a painful, crispy, death if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. If allowed to build up enough of a charge, Skeetk will let loose with a devastating attack that will decimate the area. It’s probably best you don’t allow that to happen ... or, at least be sure he’s focused on your enemy at the time.


The second boss you encounter will be Throt the Unclean. Throt will not come alone, however. He has the ability to summon Rat Ogres, and uses that ability to ensure there are always two such beasts around to aid him. These Rat Ogres are not your run of the mill beasts, either. They are extremely focused, and once they have chosen a target, they will not waver until that target has been killed... well, most of the time, anyway. Throt, himself, has few abilities he employs, letting his dominated pets do most of his dirty work for him. He does get hungry, however -very, very hungry. You’ll want to make sure someone is keeping track of Throt’s hunger; the havoc he can wreak when hungry is nothing compared to when he becomes ravenous! To aid in his protection, a moat of warpfluid rises around Throt’s location. Wading through this muck is most assuredly hazardous to your health – yours, and quite possibly, everyone else’s around you as well.


The third boss you encounter will be Thanquol. He is, of course, accompanied by his construct, Boneripper. Thanquol also activates Mantraps hidden throughout the area, so be careful... your next step could very well be your last. While Boneripper charges through the area, looking for unwary players leaning over ledges, Thanquol tarnishes the area with corruption and plaque. Thanquol believes his ability to reconstruct Boneripper, should you manage to take him down, coupled with his near impenetrable barriers of sickness, put him at a marked advantage. Perhaps it’s time for someone to use Thanquol’s own corruption against him for a change.


With the fall of Thanquol, the Incursion ends. The surface is free to begin gathering resources once more. Now... if only there was something you could do with all that Warpstone you’ve plundered...

Keaven Freeman
RvR & Content Designer
BioWare Mythic

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