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Maintenant que les tests concernant le mécanisme d'invasion des souterrains des Hommes Rats se sont déroulés, Mythic nous en apprend davantage sur le fonctionnement des quatre classes skavens via le WAR Herald et un nouveau sujet de développement.



A tall, lithe figure steps into the green light radiating from the pile of Warpstone recovered from the recent purging of a newly found Skaven Lair. His staff glows with an ancient, powerful magic, protecting those gathered here from the taint. He reaches out with his hand, extending his fingers towards the warmth coming from the rocks, gracefully weaving the air as if wrapping the magics around his fingers.

“You’ve seen how they covet this stone. They crave it, it is all consuming.” He says, his eyes widening at the power he feels present in the Warpstone “They are also, with few exceptions, weak willed creatures. We can use that to our advantage. As this rock has the power to corrupt, it can also be corrupted to allow us to dominate them, albeit for short time.”

“Blasphemy!” a Witch Hunter retorts “Our souls will be damned for even considering such a thing!”

The Archmage of Saphery looks upon the human, all at once empathetic and condescending. “The situation is dire.”

A Bright Wizard turns to his compatriot. “For the Empire Brother. For our survival.”

A silence descends upon the group.

The Witch Hunter opens his mouth to argue, but before the words can form he sees an image of Altdorf overrun by the verminous hordes of Rat-Men.

“Sigmar save us…Sigmar save us all.”

The Archmage nods. “Shall we begin?”


A Zealot stands over a cache of stones which glows eerily in the night. A cold, biting wind blows across the Northern Wastes.

“The Stones are ours you sniveling dog” a Sorceress says. She looks at those surrounding her with a contemptuous stare. “You lesser creatures cannot possibly fathom their use.”

The Zealot and Shaman both move to the pile of Warpstone at once, making a grab for the infernal rocks, when they stop suddenly in their tracks. The darkness around them is illuminated with dozens of pairs of glowing red eyes. The night air begins to crackle with arcane energies as all three instinctively raise their staves in defense from the unseen foes.

A twisted Rat Man creeps out of the shadows, his eyes fixated on the sickly green glow of the rocks.

“Yes, yes man-things…we know the power of the Warpstone…give it to us and in return, we will fight for you! Die for you!”

The Zealot pauses, lowering his staff. “You would die for us? For the stone?” He stares at the Skaven in contemplation. “Very well, we will accept your proposal.”

“Indeed.” the Sorceress smirks, “Blood for Stone.”


Warlock Engineer

The Warlock Engineer is a support unit best suited to a stationary battle area. They have an array of support equipment they can deploy to the field, while at the same time using their stores of Warp-Energy to hurl lightning, globes of burning death, and even modified doomrockets.

  • Stored Warp-Energy – The Warlock Engineer carries massive amounts of Warp-Energy with him wherever he goes. This can pose a problem to those on the battlefield. Should the Warlock Engineer die, all that Warp-Energy becomes unstable and explodes, damaging those around him.
  • Ignited Warp-Energy – Should you be so unlucky as to be near a Warlock Engineer when he dies, the resulting explosion will leave you covered with a film of burning, corrosive Warp-Energy. It causes mild damage to you as it burns away at your flesh, and can only be removed through the help of special healing; it does not dissipate on its own.
  • Warp-Lightning – A beam of crackling energy, fired from the Warlock Engineer, and leaving his victim suffering from a mild shock which causes damage over time.
  • Residual Charge – As the Warlock Engineer fires off Warp-Lightning, a small charge is left behind. This will slowly fade, but can be built up over multiple uses of Warp-Lightning. This built up residual charge can be harnessed and hurled out as a Death Globe.
  • Death Globe – Condensing his Residual Charges, the Warlock Engineer forms a Death Globe and hurls it at a ground targeted location. The area around the impact becomes covered in bubbling warpfluid, causing ongoing damage to anyone in the area of effect.
  • Warpfire Thrower – a constant stream of warpfire jets from the Warlock Engineer for as long as he concentrates and can maintain AP.
  • Repair – Able to heal and re-enable siege engines, and remove any sabotage.
  • Doomrocket – Fires off a projectile at a target’s location. On impact it explodes, causing damage and knocking down anyone near the impact location. The kickback on these rockets also causes the Warlock Engineer to fall down momentarily.
  • Warp-Energy Condenser – A deployable device. Allies within the area of effect have their Magic Power and Healing Power augmented.
  • Warp-Energy Accumulator – A deployable device. Allies within the area of effect have their AP regen rate increased.

Gutter Runner

The Gutter Runner is an espionage unit who is at home alone in the shadows. He has some direct damage abilities, but most of his skills are suited to getting away from a fight and taking out defenses. The major asset to the armies controlling this unit is his ability to relay enemy troop movements back to his allies, and the skill with which he disables engines of war.

  • Spy – When under the effects of Gutter Run, detectible enemy troop locations will be broadcasted to nearby allies.
  • Sweeping Blade – A basic attack, slicing your enemy with your dagger.
  • Lingering Spite – As you attack your enemy, you build spite against them. This can be channeled into a flurry of Spin Slash attacks.
  • Spin Slash – With your daggers at the ready, you spin around in a flurry of attacks fueled by the spite you’ve built up against your enemy. This results in a number of attacks equal to how much spite you’ve accumulated.
  • Leap – You can use this to jump great heights and distances. When near a keep, this is even higher, to allow the scaling of defensive walls.
  • Snare Net – A bundle of barbed netting hurled at a targeted location. When it hits, the netting expands to catch anyone in the area. The resulting tangled mess disables those caught in it. Attempting to wiggle out of the netting causes damage.
  • Gutter Run – Toggled stealth, with a speed boost. While this is active, the Gutter Runner’s Spy ability is activated automatically.
  • Sabotage – The Gutter Runner can sabotage an enemy war engine. The next time the engine is used, it will detonate the trap, causing damage to those near it as well as disabling the engine. The Gutter Runner is able to remotely detonate a placed trap, as long as he is in range of it, and may only have one such trap active at a time.

Rat Ogre

The Rat Ogre is a creature of singular purpose: Create as much confusion and disruption in the enemy as possible. Whether he is charging through enemy lines to create passage for his allies, or he is using his powerful fists to assist in destroying a Keep’s Door, his impact is sure to be felt. He can usually be seen in close proximity to a Packmaster, as the Rat Ogre is unable to heal his own wounds and requires the Packmater’s aid to heal.

  • Frenzy – The Rat Ogre is incapable of regenerating his hit points, and is unable to be cared for by anyone other than a Packmaster.
  • Claw – A basic attack, renting his target with his brutal claws.
  • Warped Rage – As the Rat Ogre attacks with his Claws, his warp-twisted rage begins to build. This rage can be used to fuel a Savage Assault.
  • Savage Assault – Using his build up Warped Rage, the Rat Ogre executes a Savage Assault. This attack hits only once, but does scaling damage depending on how much rage was available to power it.
  • Roar – A powerful roar let loose by a Rat Ogre leaves those around him In Shock, a brief stagger, applied to those in close proximity to a Rat Ogre when he Roars.
  • Charge – For 10 seconds, a Rat Ogre focuses his resolve, and rushes at the enemy, knocking back anyone standing in his way.
  • Hurl – Able to pick up group or Warband members, and hurl them up and over walls. When not near a keep, the height of this hurl is not as high.
  • Bash – With his rock-like fists, the Rat Ogre is able to assist rams in taking down a keep door. When pounding on a door, shockwaves travel up, and cause any still functioning oil to become Unstable.. When Oil becomes Unstable, the next time it is used it will spill out a little of its oil around it causing damage to those close by. It still functions normally.



The Packmaster supports a Rat Ogre as best he can. By just being nearby, the Packmaster’s influence increases the effectiveness of his Rat Ogre. The Packmater’s attacks can be used on both enemy and ally, having different effects on both. Being skilled and powerful leaders and organizers, the Packmaster is able to exert his influence to nearby allies for a short time, helping to increase their effectiveness as well. It’s that same power of pack manipulation that also allows the Packmaster to summon forth rat minions for short bursts of combat.

  • Verminous Valour – The very presence of a Packmaster is enough to bring a measure of control to the warped mind of a Rat Ogre. While in close proximity, the Packmaster grants an Armor, Damage, Block, Perry, and Dodge buff to the Rat Ogre.
  • Thwap! – A basic attack that damages an enemy, and enrages an ally. When Thwap! is used on an ally, the next attack they make (not including auto-attack) receives a major buff.
  • Overconfidence – As the Packmaster Thwap's! enemies and allies, he becomes increasingly overconfidant in his own abilities. This can be channeled, and used to execute a Thwap!Thwap!!Thwap!!! attack.
  • Thwap! Thwap!! Thwap!!! – This ability gathers all the built up overconfidence into one massive attack. This attack applies a DoT to enemies, and a HoT on allies. This HoT is the only way Rat Ogres are able to be healed.
  • Scurry Away! – When the going gets rough, the Packmaster gets to scurrying. When activated, this dispels any snares or roots on the Packmaster, grants a quick speed buff, and then leaps him to the nearest friendly Rat Ogre for protection.
  • Strength in Numbers – Gathering his allies close to him, the Packmaster is able to, for a short time at least, exert his packleader influence over them. This applies an Armor, Damage, Block, Perry, and Dodge buff to those allies nearby.
  • Rats of War – Tapping into the minds of nearby vermin, the Packmaster orders a few to attack his chosen enemy. Obedient to the call of a Packmaster, the rats erupt from the ground, and begin to gnaw at the enemy.  Each hit, while insignificant in damage, creates a Festering Wound.
  • Festering Wound – Each of these wounds cause you to do less damage, and reduces the effectiveness of your healing. Thses are fast healing wounds, but their effects are also cumulative, which could potentially leave you worthless on the battlefield for a short time.
  • Mantrap – A nasty trap, slowing the target to a near crawl.

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