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Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 03-01-2011

Si vous souhaitez participer activement à l'amélioration de votre jeu préféré, que vous fréquentez régulièrement le forum officiel et à condition d'être capable de tenir une discussion en anglais, alors peut être que cette annonce d'Andy belford vous interressera : l'équipe de développement est à la recherche de nouveaux participants pour son programme de Core Tester.


We're looking for more players to fill the Ranks of the Core Test group! Are you an avid player of WAR? Are you Hardcore? Casual? Something in between? We're looking for your input and feedback to help make WAR all it can be!

What is the Core Test Program?

The Core Test Program is a small, hand selected group of players chosen for the capability to provide insightful, intelligent and critical feedback while at the same time remaining rational and constructive. Players are chosen for their contribution and continual involvement in the Community. All Core Testers are required to agree to a Non Disclosure Agreement (or NDA) prior to being given access.

Should you submit yourself as a candidate, please be aware that your in game account and forum account will be reviewed as part of the process.

Want to know more?

Send Andy Belford (Me!) a PM with the following information:

  • In Game Account Name (DO NOT SEND THE PASSWORD!)
  • Age?
  • What kind of a player do you consider yourself to be? (hardcore, casual, other?)
  • Approximately how many hours a week do you spend playing WAR?
  • How long have you been playing WAR?
  • What MMO's have you played outside of WAR?
  • What Careers do you consider yourself capable in?
  • What's your highest Renown Rank Character?
  • Why do you think that you would be an asset to the Core Tester program?

Thanks and I look forward to reviewing your submissions!

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