Ouverture de transferts gratuits

Ecrit par Zatvopop, le 09-12-2011

Afin d'améliorer l'expérience de jeu et de permettre une activité régulière, de nouveaux transferts gratuits seront proposés aux joueurs afin de regonfler la population sur les différents serveurs.
Cette fois, les transferts seront ouverts de Gorfang vers Badlands pour les serveurs américains et de Karak Azgal vers Karak Norn pour les serveurs européens.
Ces transferts seront disponibles à compter du 14 décembre durant 3 semaines avant la fermeture des serveurs de départ.



As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain an active, competitive, and engaging experience in WAR we have decided to open free transfers for players to specific servers. WAR, more than many games, only gets better with more people. These transfers will enable players to experience more action during all hours whether fighting in scenarios or Open RvR.

To make this process easier we have provided specific details concerning these new transfer options below, please read and follow any instructions carefully. We are currently targeting next week to enable the transfers, for now please use this time to organize yourself and your friends to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Server Transfer Options:

For players on the North America Servers, we are opening up the following free transfer option:

Gorfang -> Badlands

For players on the European Servers, we are opening up the following free transfer option*:

Karak Azgal -> Karak Norn

* Based on feedback via our community, Drakenwald is not being included in this process at the moment.

These options will be available as of 12/14/11.

At that time will we also mark both Gorfang and Karak Azgal as Legacy servers to prevent new accounts from registering on those servers.
We are doing the above in an effort to encourage players to move to the new server at their own convenience and facilitate transfer of guilds for guild leaders.
After a period of 3 weeks, we will switch Gorfang and Karak Azgal to retired. At that point, players will need to transfer their characters to the designated new server (via a free transfer) or another server (via a paid transfer) in order to access those characters. The game will prompt you to do this when you attempt to choose those servers from the list.

Guild Transfers

As with similar offerings, Guild Leaders will also have the ability to transfer their guild to their new server. For specific instructions, please visit the account center at https://accounts.eamythic.com when the transfers are activated next week. You can find a handy guide here as well.

Closing Remarks:

The game play experience of our customers is something we highly value. We don’t make changes like this lightly. A lot of metrics and analysis accompanies this type of decision. We feel that these changes will help to ensure that server options continue to facilitate that best RvR experience out there. Thanks for playing and see you on the battlefield!


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